Long Range Locators – LRL


New Eliminator e120 B Long Range Locator-gold detector with twin function. When used standalone Eliminator e120 B is a long range locator, with selections to scan for gold and various exact frequencies for other metals. Eliminator e120 B also can be teamed with your existing LRL, gold detector, MFD or dowsing rods, to operate  as a mineral rejection filter, once a target signal has been discovered,  to determine if it worths to be traced.


LRL kit includes 2 long range gold locators with carry case. Our set of gold plated L rods with amplifier for signal receiver, plus the new Eliminator e-120 B transmitter with twin function: frequency generator detector and mineral rejection filter! The price we offer the Long Range Locators kit is lower than any other comparable unit, but the performance is excellent.


SPECTRA Long Range Locator transmits underground specific frequency signals for gold and various metals, in order to stimulate the target. The user will find and trace the target energy line using the receiver L rods. The frequency of SPECTRA gold detector is extremely accurate to 0,1 Ηz, this combined with the ground balance function eliminates false signals from minerals and unwanted metals


X-FINDER gold detector is a digital, ionic long range locator with ground balance function for mineral rejection.  X-Finder offers the choice of 10 factory metal frequency modes plus free mode to scan for other frequencies.


With Rayfinder Gold Detector Long Range Locator the user has the ability to define detection range, for example the range can be set between 300 to 2100 meters. This Rayfinder gold detector feature, Is useful to estimate the distance to target. Also when limiting the locator range, smaller targets are rejected and great accuracy in centering is achieved.

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