LYDIA gold dowsing pendulum locators pouch


The best pendulum to locate gold

The LYDIA gold dowsing pendulum locators are the professional dowser choice for long distances outdoor searching. When used in treasure hunting, since LYDIA is gold plated, it is not necessary         for the user to hold a sample gold target for selectivity against other metals.                                                   GDI pendulum range provides the most compact and professional long range locators – gold detectors       for dowsing

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LYDIA gold dowsing pendulum locators pouches
LYDIA gold dowsing pendulum locators by GDI
GDI LYDIA gold dowsing pendulum locators


When using LYDIA the gold pendulum for dowsing, it is not necessary to hold a sample gold target! The reason? LYDIA pendulum is gold plated with a durable 24K gold layer to the pendulum body, chain and ring. Therefore a strong attraction is created                to distant gold targets and selectivity when other kinds of metal exist nearby                the search area. LYDIA gold pendulum has been designed with a special weight          and shape that permits to operate outdoors unaffected by wind.                                      Avoid using a lightweight pendulum for outdoor usage. It will prove useless to windy conditions, as dowser receives false target lines. LYDIA pendulum does not react          to mineral gold and small particles. It indicates stable target directions without erroneous swings. 

Offers considerable larger distance and depth capabilities over any other pendulum on the market, while it is priced lower than its competitors. There are many places where it is difficult or impossible to obtain permission to enter for the purpose of searching using conventional gold detectors. LYDIA gold pendulum is designed specifically for such situations.

LYDIA gold dowsing pendulum long range locators


LYDIA gold dowsing pendulum locators from GDI

It is easy to enter such a difficult to search place with LYDIA pendulum, and take         the necessary readings while no one sees. If someone approaches, LYDIA pendulum can be concealed quickly inside a pouch that comes as an accessory for LYDIA pendulum. Operation of LYDIA pendulum is simple. When held as shown in the picture, LYDIA pendulum swings back and forth in a pendulum – line motion in line with            the irection of the attraction. Additional readings are taken to find the location through the method of triangulation or you can just follow the direction that leads      to the location. When you are over the correct target location,                                         LYDIA gold dowsing pendulum locators operate in a circular movement


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LYDIA gold dowsing pendulum locators

lydia gold dowsing pendulum locators accessories


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