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Convert GEOSENSIS X3 to 3D metal detector using ICON DATA logger. Order code: GS15

GOSENSIS X3 is optimized and ready for the ICON DATA real time visualizer and data logger. Convert GEOSENSIS X3 to 3D metal detector using ICON DATA a sophisticated, compact data logger that converts X3 signals through its software into 2D or 3D target image on a computer screen. ICON DATA is a useful tool for understanding the target depth – shape. The scanning is done as the user walks in the predefined area grid with a pace set by the ICON DATA program. Τhere you will find many professional options for scan direction arrow selections, grid dimensions of the scan area, automatic data capture for flat surfaces that permit a constant pace. Otherwise choose manual data logging in uneven terrain with obstacles, where a steady pace cannot be kept.

The program prompts with voice to start, move, turn to the next scan line or stop walking. The graph is displayed as 2D or 3D. Provides probable target depth, zoom, filters, rotate and export of the edited image to bmp, jpeg formats or printer.

More details about ICON DATA you can view here:

PRICE: 700€

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